What’s on TV, you ask?

My usual plan this time of the year is to cancel my cable bill after the NHL playoffs are over (or if the Canucks are eliminated, earlier). My schedule is often such that I miss most of the shows I would watch on TV so I end up downloading them after the fact anyways. The minor downside of having to wait to see the show until a few hours after it has aired is nothing compared to having to sit through commercials and be unable to pause/control play. Ordering TV shows can get expensive and getting them through file sharing is illegal in most cases so you are kind of fucked either way if you want to enjoy some of the many shows available.

What I recently watched:

  • Chef Academy – Good cooking series, the French Chef Novelli has a fun personality and entertaining accent which make for good times.
  • Kitchen Nightmares – Either the season just ended or it’s a mid-season break, I’m not sure. I’m always entertained when Chef Ramsay is working his fucking magic to turn around shit-hole restaurants in just a few days.
  • Heroes Season 4 – Heroes isn’t as good as it once was. The show is still worth watching but I don’t know for how much longer if it keeps up like this. The show used to be consistently good but now only about half of the season is good. I’ll give it another chance in season five I suppose.

What I’m currently watching:

  • South Park – Season 14 is underway and South Park continues to kick ass and righteously push the boundaries of free speech.
  • The Pacific – Same production team as Band of Brothers, this one tells the true story of the soldiers in the Pacific War during WWII with awe inspiring realism.
  • Glee – Sue is one of the main reasons to watch the show. Most of the characters are loathe-worthy but the show still comes off funny and the musical numbers and accompanying auto-tune can be ridonkly entertaining.
  • Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Most of my favourites are voted out this season already (Boston Rob, Coach, Tyson, JT), which kind of sucks but things are still pretty crazy with the characters left behind. I see a Russell vs Parvarti battle on the horizon after this last week’s episode and it will be nice to see Parvarti go home. Hopefully, things will turn out cool and Rupert, Colby, and Amanda can overcome the villain alliance.
  • Canada: A People’s History – The biggest television documentary on Canada created to date. This 32 hour CBC series covers the first peoples to live in what is now Canada right through up to the Canada of the 1990s. I’m finding it a great reminder and expansion to what I learned in high school about my country.
  • The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – This show is one that really benefits from being watched as a download. This would be hard to sit through if I couldn’t fast forward through all the lame ‘reality tv’ moments of the fighters living in the house together. I just want to see some of the training and the fights, not people acting like adolescent jock douchebags.
  • Life – Another BBC documentary similar to the Planet Earth series with some of the most amazing high definition never-before-seen shots of life on Earth that I’ve ever seen.
  • Bleach – One of the first anime series that I really got into. Battle after battle between crazy death god warriors that just keeps escalating. I’m on episode two hundred and something and the series is still going. Ichigo and friends are fun.
  • National Hockey League Playoffs – Of course! The Canucks have one of their strongest teams ever so I’m really hoping we’ll make the final this time. Canucks hockey is one of the main reasons why I keep paying for cable TV.

~ by emperorspore on 04/24/2010.