Stop distracting me from the revolution, Fall TV!

We follow the status of the Occupy Wall Street movement daily and support it as best we can for now. However, as I am a debt slave, I must continue to work at my job until I can be free. I also need time to escape from the stress of the world and be entertained, even if possibly the biggest revolution in North America this century is building at the same time. So anyways, blah blah blah, these are TV shows that I am watching currently and they are strongly recommended for all citizens of the Empire:

  • GleeThey sing. They dance. They explore silly social stereotypes and trends. They make you root for the underdog. This is season 3 – watch while you can, they can’t keep these adult actors in high school forever. I’m not sure if Glee ‘The College Years’ will work, I was barely able to watch that era of Saved by the Bell.
  • South ParkBack from mid-season break and as great as ever! South Park continues to make me laugh out loud and push the boundaries of what can be aired on television even now in its 15th season. Thank you, Trey and Matt.
  • Survivor: South PacificYes, I watch Survivor. Of the 23 seasons so far, I think I’ve only missed two. I enjoy that it has become such a culturally significant show over the years. This season has two returning Survivor veterans: Coach ‘The Dragon Slayer’ Wade and Ozzy. I like them both in different ways but I’m definitely cheering for Coach this season.
  • Terra NovaSettlers are transported through time from an environmentally devastated Earth in the year 2149 a prehistoric era. Cheesy and predictable but still fun and exciting! It has excellent production value for a Sci-Fi series, not to mention DINOSAURS!
  • Transformers PrimeI am a die-hard Transformers fan and this is by far the best production of a Transformers series since the original. The CG is done really well, the characters are likeable and the story is true to the proper Transformers canon. This is nothing like those shitty Michael Bay movies.

Side note: My apologies for the Fox shows, it sucks that good shows end up coming out of shit holes like that.

~ by emperorspore on 10/13/2011.