I’m Talkin TV (unless I’m talkin Heathenish Foray)

It’s time to talk TV again!

What TV series are we watching at the Empire these days?

Fuck! These ones right here:

  • Last Resort – This show kicks a surprising amount of ass! A little over the top of course, but still within reach to keep it an intense military drama. I’ll overlook the plot holes big enough to pilot a nuclear sub through because this is exciting shit!
  • Revolution – Speaking of massive plot holes, this ridiculous show is partially filling the void that Terra Nova left when it was cancelled. It has that fun factor that makes you overlook how silly and illogical many parts are. It’s hard to go wrong with sword fighting in a post-apocalyptic world but I hope they don’t take the ridonkitude too much further.
  • Forward Unto Dawn – This Halo 4 web series on MachinimaPrime is fucking sweet. After the awe of the first Halo game wore off, I was still a regular player but not a huge fan of the Halo world. This web series may change all that. It has an Ender’s Game feel to the start of it and if the gritty space war continues like this, I will be very happy.
  • SYNC – I’ve mentioned this one before and it is a good time to check it out if you haven’t already as there is only one or two episodes left. SYNC is another great show you can’t find on regular television. Check it out on BAMMO!
  • Survivor Philippines – Previously on………………Survivor. The show that never ends! Good news, children! This season is set to make up for last season’s bore-a-thon! Good cast, 3 returning players, 3 tribes!
  • The Ultimate Fighter – Season 16. Show hasn’t changed much. Fast forward, training, fast forward, fight. Good fighters this season.
  • Tron Uprising – Started up again this week, I haven’t watched it for a while but am excited to get back into it. It carries on the Tron canon nicely.
  • Between seasons & breaks: Community, Continuum, Falling Skies, Glee, Transformers Prime

~ by emperorspore on 10/20/2012.