CMDR’s LOG: 20 FEB 3302 – Okinura Wrap-up, Deep Space Prep


Commander’s Log (20 FEB 3302):

Fisher Terminal will begin upgrading soon. Our work in Okinura has paid off in multiple ways: I’ve made around 9.5 million credits, secured an alliance with the Earth Defence Force, and been promoted to Lt. Commander by the Federation. My associates have also made the profits necessary for us to turn our attention to our next endeavour – deep space.


We’ve made small expeditions out into the galaxy before but never to the scale that I’d consider to be a truly epic voyage. The famous Distant Worlds Expedition currently in progress has inspired our organization to finally take the plunge. We’ve just transitioned back to our rendezvous point in TZ Arietis to prepare our Asps for the trip.

Cmdr Saganstein and I prepare to hunt the rings.

I’m now back to my usual work with my company, Sporicorp, protecting the local miners and providing secure, reliable transport services in my Python, the Astral Hammer. My beautiful new ship is making it easy for me to pay off the final upgrades needed on the Solsagan so our journey can begin.

The Solsagan will soon set off on its longest journey ever into unknown space.

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