CMDR’s LOG: 24 Feb 3302 – Starship One Wreckage Surprise, Deep Shit 1 Expedition Begins!


Commander’s Log (24 FEB 3302):

Before we left on our exploration mission, Cmdr Saganstein and I decided to search the wreckage of the Starship One disaster to assist in locating further survivors. This led to an exciting encounter with a Federation capital ship, the FNS Valiant, as it dropped in on us just after we entered orbit of a beautiful blue-white planet.

We then flew back to Snyder Enterprises, tweaked our Asp Explorer load-outs for deep space exploration and excitedly launched on the first Sporicorp sponsored expedition, Deep Shit 1.


The first leg of the journey takes us through the Witch Head Nebula and on through Orion into Barnard’s Loop. It’s nice to be back in the Asp and way out in the serene depths of the Milky Way.


I end this day parked on the small moon of a pristine water world in the Orion Nebula.


What an absolutely stunning place to stay the night!


~ by emperorspore on 02/24/2016.