CMDR’s Log: 28 Feb 3302 – Deep Shit 1 Winds Its Way Home


Commander’s Log (28 FEB 3302):

The Deep Shit 1 expedition was a resounding success. After Orion, we flew through the Flame Nebula, Barnard’s Loop and into Horsehead before taking a long curve back to the Pleiades to land at Obsidian Orbital.


As you can imagine, the sights in these regions were magnificent.


It’s the stuff that dreams are made of…

Once we had left the brilliance of the Loop, the final big highlight was founding a large system containing water-based life on this brilliant gas giant.


In the end, we reached approximately 1500 light years from Sol and learned some valuable lessons in exploring. On our next expedition, Deep Shit 2, we plan to travel at least 5000ly away and possibly even make a run to the galactic core.

~ by emperorspore on 02/28/2016.