CMDR’s Log: 22 Jan 3303 – Formidine Rift Survey


The galaxy is a busy place these days. It is a far contrast to my early days as trainee pilot with the Federation but one I welcome as I reach the prime of my career as freelancer and executive officer of Sporicorp. I’ve spent the last few weeks scanning monoliths at the ancient ruins in Synuefe and needed to take a break.


I’d been planning to make my first expedition to the Formidine Rift to investigate a recently-discovered lost settlement and as luck would have it, a small group of fellow explorers were looking to charter a flight to to the Rift. They were gathering data at a Children of Raxxla staging post which was suspected in having links to the very settlement I was interested in. This fortuitous collaboration covered the funding for the entire mission.


We made record time to the Rift, jumping neutron after neutron and pushing the Solsagan to its very limits as we shot between the Heart and Soul nebulas to survey the settlement and staging post.


The settlement turned out to be one of several spread out around the bubble and this one was called Beta. While I can’t speak much about our findings here, I can say that the data has greatly assisted our investigation into the Dynasty project and been more than valuable to Sporicorp’s research department.


Getting home turned out to be the biggest challenge. In order to make room for the additional gear from our passengers, I couldn’t afford to bring the AFMU. This meant that after only a few neutron jumps homeward, our FSD started to malfunction. We’d just left the Heart nebula and immediately decided to avoid further neutron charging and hope the Solsagan’s FSD would hold together long enough to limp slowly home. Obviously, we have returned safely now but we suffered FSD failures every few jumps and have forever learned the true value of the AFMU.


The publicly available images from our Formidine Rift expedition can be found here:


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