CMDR’s Log: 13 May 3303 – Deep Shit V (The Glory Hole)

CMDR Rogath Spore

After Deep Shit IV ended in disaster during a neutron charge and with the galaxy mourning the death of Salomé at the hands of a boy wizard, I needed to get away once again. My long-time trusted exploring vessel, the Solsagan, was modified to increase its max unboosted jump range to 52LY and I set to planning the Deep Shit V Expedition.

As luck would have it, I had met a famous explorer named Kaylie Irwin recently while converting nuns to atheism at Sister’s Refuge in HIP 16813. She had told me of upcoming plans to charter a ship to a newly discovered planetary nebula dubbed the ‘Glorious Nebula’. A low key private exploration mission like this was just what the doctor ordered and I knew with the recent optimizations that the Solsagan was more than ready for anything.

So it was that after drinking several bottles of Lavian brandy, I dazedly plotted a course to HEN 2-23, roughly 8500LY from the bubble and promised Kaylie and her team a safe trip there and back for a mere 20 million credits. I was content with the fact that I’d make three times as much on the exploration data.

That contentment came to an abrupt end about 7500LY later when I soberly realised that even with the high density of neutron stars in the region, we didn’t have the juice to reach our destination.

Rather than share this information with the passengers, I merely advised them that Sporicorp required me to stop and collect samples from several nearby moons. During these surface excursions I picked up the valuable FSD boosting materials I needed to complete the perilous journey in and out of what I now referred to as the ‘Glory Hole’.

The effort required made the mission additionally rewarding, but the final goal itself was somewhat underwhelming compared to some of the other sights I’ve seen in this wonderful galaxy. After we enjoyed the purple rays for a time, collected all the local data we needed, and broken open a case of Centauri Mega Gin, I talked them into letting me stop at Sagan Research Centre in Thor’s Helmet on the way home.

It took us a few thousand light years out of the way but we were so overjoyed with being able to successfully complete that challenging trip it didn’t matter. This was also an important stop for me as the Heathen Horde Wing, which I commanded, had selected this station to be a new forward operating base.

With the new hangar established at Sagan Research Centre, we completed in the final stretch of the journey quickly and without incident back to Sister’s Refuge to drop off Kaylie and her team.

With the recently increase in alien activity, our next directive has the Heathen Horde Wing once again doing detailed surveys over the Pleiades and surrounding regions to gather data for Sporicorp. The outcome of that will really define the next major mission, however, we are long overdue for our first trek to the galactic core and Colonia…

~ by emperorspore on 05/13/2017.