Elite: Dangerous – Expedition Galleries

Deep Shit I

Witch Head, Orion, Barnard's Loop, Flame, Horsehead Nebula

Deep Shit II

Aborted attempt to reach the galactic core. California Nebula visited.

The Pleiades Expeditions

#1 – The Thargoid Barnacles

System: Merope
Planet: 5 C (-026.3496, -156.4044)

#2 – First Thargoid Crash Site

System: Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4
Planet: 9 A (-26.37, 97.70)

#3 – Second Thargoid Crash Site

System: HIP 17403
Planet: A 4 A (-34.96, -141.37)

#4 – Thargoid Bases

System: HIP 14909
Planet: 2 A (-28,-27)

Guardian Expedition 1

System: Synuefe XR-H D11-102
Planet: 1 B (-31.7877, -128.9711)


Deep Shit III

Mission to collect data from black holes in TrA X-1.
Trip Distance: Approx 14,000ly

Formidine Rift Survey 1

Investigation of first mystery settlement (Beta) found in the Formidine Rift.
System: EAFOTS LZ-H B10-0
Planet: D 1 (-23.0844, -174.8980)

Generation Ships Survey

Ship: Lycaon
System: Alaunus
Listening Post: LHS 1047
Ship: Venusian
System: Kitae
Listening Post: LP 855-10
Ship: Thetis
System: Nefertem
Listening Post: LHS 2206

Space Pumpkin Research

Alien life in the shape of giant gourds growing on the surface.
System: HIP 18077
Station: Mahon Research Base (HIP 18077 6 c)Space Pumpkins

Brain Tree Research

Alien trees with brain-like growths on the surface of rocky ice world.
Deposits of various metals can be harvested from the trees.
System: SYNUEFE PJ-D B46-10 3 (-23.96, 94.43)


Ram Tah Guardian Surveys

Col 173 Sector QU-O d6-25
HD 63154
Synuefe EU-Q c21-10
Syneufe TP-F B44-O