Primordial – Exile Amongst the Ruins

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From the Primordial depths rises the Exile Amongst the Ruins on March 30!

Jacked In: My Life in VR Began in 2017

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I’ve had the HTC Vive for around six months now (running on a 1080Ti) and enjoyed a huge range of VR experiences both seated and roomscale. I have a customised home space in SteamVR that is literally my second home in that virtual world which I can map against my actual living room any way I like. I fucking love it.

Below, I decree my favourite virtual reality games in a rough order:

  1. Elite: Dangerous – Has to be #1, it’s my favourite game- period. The sense of scale and immersion playing this in VR with my X52Pro HOTAS is incredible and the game itself plays perfectly. Minor issues: lower resolution of the HMD (screendoor effect fades over time) pixelates details at distance text can be difficult to read at times and edges of lenses, and some glare from the high contrast dark environment.
  2. Vivecraft – The implementation of this is flawless. Full VR Minecraft that works perfectly with the Vive controllers and offers tons of locomotion and VR specific customisations. I am now able to to walk around worlds I’ve spent hundreds of hours creating in the past and enjoy them in ways I never thought would be possible. Minor issues: None, this game is a masterpiece!
  3. Raw Data – No other VR game uses the technology to its potential like this one. Roomscale co-op sci-fi battles against robots using guns, bows, swords, and powers in high definition. Character bodies are fully rendered and the tracking is detailed. The visuals and gameplay are unmatched at this point. Minor issues: tracking is so detailed that tracking issues can appear in HMD if reflective/hot surfaces in room, game is still in development, only 2 player co-op currently – please give us up to 4!
  4. Vanishing Realms – After a few minutes of playing this game it felt like all the money I spent on getting VR was worth it. Very polished little D&D adventure with tons of great gameplay! This makes me SO excited for the future – to finally live in the D&D worlds I’ve played in my mind all my life… Minor issues: kind of short game, single player only, makes me want more so bad it hurts.
  5. Payday 2 VR – Still in beta but one of the best experiences in VR yet – co-op heists make you feel like you are in the movie Heat. This game was just a toy in pancake mode but in VR it is the bomb! Minor issues: graphics and variety of enemies could be improved.
  6. GORN – Are you not entertained?!?! This gory arena will have you sweating!
  7. Climbey – (I want ‘the Climb’ so badly) For someone who loves mountaineering but is too afraid to actually climb on the side of high cliffs, Climbey game is a dream come true. My friend and I climbed a reproduction of Eiger’s north face for over two hours one night and still wanted to play more! The Steam Workshop allows people to share the own custom built levels for tons of replay value. This game is only going to get better! Be sure to get some scary HD skyboxes for it! Minor issues: graphics are basic, still in development – our Eiger ascent ended with me falling through the map…
  8. Subnautica – For a seated experience without HOTAS to make it this high up on the list you know it has to be fucking amazing. And it is, Subnautica is nearing the end of development but is already one of my favourite games of all time in 2D – now to experience it in VR is mind-blowing. Minor issues: still in development – needs support for Vive motion controls, menus hard to read at edge of vision in VR, performance issues, strong stomach required but it’s not too bad.
  9. Fallout 4 VR – They did a great job implementing this in VR! Too bad the price was so high…  The experience is pretty amazing but the imperfect graphics of Fallout 4 are much more apparent in VR.  That being said, walking around in the world of Fallout in VR is worth it.
  10. The Gallery: Call of Starseed – This series, which now has the 2nd episode available, really shows the potential of VR for imagination and storytelling. The crazy visuals, polish and NPC interaction make this one stand out. Minor issues: I want all the episodes now!
  11. Racket: Nx – Futuristic Tron-style racketball game with multiplayer support, great sound, graphics and controller tracking. Gameplay is super fun and good workout! Minor issues: cable management can be annoying as you turn a lot!
  12. Space Pirate Trainer – Basic game but amazing experience and workout! Stand on a platform in space while shooting and dodging incoming fire from flying robots while cool music pumps! Score-attack style game but looks and feels great to play as a drop in workout! Minor issues: short game but recent update improved a lot!
  13. SportsBar VR – The bar offers a nice number of games but the pool alone is worth the value for how well it plays. I have my bar setup playing my Elite: Dangerous videos on the big screens and some of my favourite metal playing on the jukebox while I enjoy fun motion controlled games rendered really well in VR: pool, chess, checkers, air hockey, shuffleboard, darts, rampball, and general fucking around with beer bottles and footballs etc in the bar. Minor issues: I don’t own the bar in real life. Game has set folders for media content.

Honourable Mentions: Audioshield, DCS World, Everest VR, The Lab, DOOM 3: BFG Edition VR Mod, Nightstar: Starfighter, Pierhead Arcade, Redout: Enhanced Edition, Thumper, Vector 36, The Brookhaven Experiment, The Ultimate Booster, Eleven: Table Tennis

Excited to Try Next: Detached, Eagle Flight, Kart Racing Pro, Redout Enhanced Edition, Trainscape, Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, Sairento VR, Ironwolf VR, Hover Junkers, Arizona Sunshine, Hot Hogs, Horseshoes & Handgrenades, Star Trek Bridge Crew, IL-2 Strumovik: Battle of Stalingrad, Doom VFR, Ultrawings, Gunheart, and lastly PLEASE bring ‘The Climb’ to VIVE natively

Excited for Upcoming VR Games: Skyrim VR (on PC), ARK Park, Cutlass, Derail Valley
Eiger North Face ClimbeyDon’t forget to add the custom skybox for this Eiger North Face user-created map in Climbey and experience the thrill of this epic ascent!

Best Albums of 2016

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Went to do my 2017 list and realised I didn’t do 2016! Fuck! And so here we are, with the best albums of 2016 finally decreed…

Top 10 Music Albums of 2016

  1. Affinity – Haken
  2. Magma – Gojira
  3. The Last StandSabaton
    The Last Stand
  4. The Fall of Hearts – Katatonia
  5. Jomsviking – Amon Amarth

  6. Atoma – Dark Tranquillity
  7. Grey Heavens – Omnium Gatherum
    Grey Heavens
  8. The Northern Sanctuary – Witherscape
  9. Winter’s Gate – Insomnium
  10. Jumalten Aika – Moonsorrow
    Jumalten Aika

Honourable Mentions:

  • The Ninth Hour – Sonata Arctica
  • 4 1/2 – Steven Wilson
  • Popestar – Ghost
  • Transcendence – Devin Townsend Project

December Videofeast!

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Heidevolk – Ontwaakt

Steven Wilson – Permanating

Wintersun – Land of Snow and Sorrow 1.5

Legends of the Astral Hammer: Evacuation

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November Videofeast!

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Ghost – He Is

Toehider – How Do Ghosts Work?

Vuur – My Champion – Berlin

CMDR’s Log: 12 Nov 3303 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

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CMDR Rogath Spore

Sporicorp and Heathen Horde Wing activities have been off the radar for months. With the massive Thargoid presence sweeping through the Pleiades Nebula, Sporicorp missions were forced to go dark until now.

During this time of secrecy, we learned a great many things about the Thargoids and developed an internal plan of action for both the threat of hostile aliens and the new galactic political landscape. The fear of the returning Thargoids has brought the three major powers together like never before and spawned the AEGIS initiative. We can only hope that the choices they make on behalf of humanity do not cause more harm than good.

I’ve personally surveyed a number of Thargoid bases as well as growing barnacle forests but we’ve yet to scratch the surface of their strange biology. I have also come across vast debris fields filled with the corroded corpses of human ships being scavenged by Thargoid Interceptors. Only with the brilliant insight of Professor Palin has our research established the foundation of knowledge needed to start truly understanding what we are facing.

After many unsuccessful attempts to communicate meaningfully with the Thargoid ships, I retreated back into the bubble and began refitting a special new wing of the Heathen Horde. The new Xeno Operations Wing will provide Sporicorp with strategic defence from Thargoid or other Xeno-based attacks if they occur.

All that said, before we act with aggression towards the Thargoids, we must show them the progress our species has made and come to an understanding that can lead to peaceful coexistence.  The alternative could be a war unlike anything the galaxy has known. These are my thoughts as I sit among another recently discovered alien life form, the ‘Brain Trees’, and listen to their strange sounds. Are they laughing at me or helping me to understand?