November Videofeast!

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Ghost – He Is

Toehider – How Do Ghosts Work?

Vuur – My Champion – Berlin

CMDR’s Log: 12 Nov 3303 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

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CMDR Rogath Spore

Sporicorp and Heathen Horde Wing activities have been off the radar for months. With the massive Thargoid presence sweeping through the Pleiades Nebula, Sporicorp missions were forced to go dark until now.

During this time of secrecy, we learned a great many things about the Thargoids and developed an internal plan of action for both the threat of hostile aliens and the new galactic political landscape. The fear of the returning Thargoids has brought the three major powers together like never before and spawned the AEGIS initiative. We can only hope that the choices they make on behalf of humanity do not cause more harm than good.

I’ve personally surveyed a number of Thargoid bases as well as growing barnacle forests but we’ve yet to scratch the surface of their strange biology. I have also come across vast debris fields filled with the corroded corpses of human ships being scavenged by Thargoid Interceptors. Only with the brilliant insight of Professor Palin has our research established the foundation of knowledge needed to start truly understanding what we are facing.

After many unsuccessful attempts to communicate meaningfully with the Thargoid ships, I retreated back into the bubble and began refitting a special new wing of the Heathen Horde. The new Xeno Operations Wing will provide Sporicorp with strategic defence from Thargoid or other Xeno-based attacks if they occur.

All that said, before we act with aggression towards the Thargoids, we must show them the progress our species has made and come to an understanding that can lead to peaceful coexistence.  The alternative could be a war unlike anything the galaxy has known. These are my thoughts as I sit among another recently discovered alien life form, the ‘Brain Trees’, and listen to their strange sounds. Are they laughing at me or helping me to understand?

Insomnium North American Tour 2018!

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Insomnium 2018

Sabaton North American Tour 2018!

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Heidevolk – Vuur Van Verzet

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Where have all the volks been hiding? We’ll find out on January 12th when a wild Vuur Van Verzet appears! Heidevolk is back!
vuur van verzet

October Videofeast!

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Eluveitie – Rebirth

Omnium Gatherum – Blade Reflections

Skálmöld – Höndin Sem Veggina Klórar

September Videofeast!

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Ensiferum – Way of the Warrior

Haken – Lapse

Toehider – This Conversation is Over